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Did you hear about the Cow that wandered out to get fast food? Really!

When I looked at this story, at first, I though it was a joke.  Did you hear about the cow that walked to a drive-thru?  When I finished the story, I thought, what are the chances.  The one place that uses cows on their billboards.  That’s what made this story so fun.

RTV6 claims the Noblesville, Indiana police chased a runaway cow on Saturday night. Drivers videotaped police chasing the cow down a busy street. At one point, people began honking and laughing as the cow ran in front of a Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A.  Obviously you know that Check-fil-A uses cows in their ads along with the caption ‘eat more chikn’. The police finally cornered the cow in a yard before rescuing it.

If you were a cow, what fast food chain would you visit?

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