Did you Rock and Roll All Night?

The concert calendar is filling up like Crazy!  I am not sure there is anyone left to put on there.  Who else would you like to see?  Obviously Led Zeppelin is probably at the top of everyone’s list.  I have seen some pretty good shows – and some pretty bad ones in my time.

Good List – Madonna & Cyndi Lauper (I saw Madonna a couple of times back in Michigan.  She knows how to put on a very entertaining concert.  Cyndi is one of my favorite artists of all time.  She walked down the aisle of the venue I was in and I managed to get her to sing on top of my chair!)

Def Leppard & Poison (Truth be told I had to attend the Def Leppard show for one of my old radio jobs.  It was a show I wasn’t planning on attending but my boss decided last minute that I would be the one to host a meet and greet with the band.  The sound check was an amazing experience.  Poison is one of my favorite 80’s hair bands.  I love Bret Michaels and when he is with Poison he is full of infectious energy.  Plus, he has those sexy bandanas!!)

So-So List – Warrant & Blue Oyster Cult (only because I am convinced Jani Lane was totally wasted during that show and unable to perform most of their hit songs.  The guys in BOC were rude to the Dj’s announcing them before their show.  No reason to be rude to the help!)