DiMaio: What to Expect over the Next 36 Hours

You’ve seen the warnings! Rain! Ice! SNOW!! But our upcoming storm going to be any worse than the one’s we’ve already had?

Eh, according to our sister station WJOL’s staff meteorologist Rick DiMaio, not really.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Traveling will be dangerous! ANY ice on the roads combined with a few inches of snow will cause a mess worthy of staying home. Schools could potentially be cancelled, and it would be the prudent decision.

That said, it shouldn’t be any worse than what we’ve already seen this season.

It won’t be as cold. The rains shouldn’t cause any MAJOR flooding (but make sure your sump pumps are working!). The surfaces have seen a lot of melting lately, so even the few hours of freezing rain shouldn’t cause ice accumulations to be too bad. And the snow is predicted to be about 4-8 inches…which is enough to cause hazardous road conditions, but nothing we haven’t seen before!

Here’s how Rick described it earlier this morning on the Slocum in the Mornings Show: