Did you know the first day of June is International Dinosaurs Day?  Me neither.

Today is a day where we celebrate those amazing reptiles…the Dinosaurs.  And with the new Godzilla movie coming out this weekend, it seemed appropriate.    Scientists believe they existed 245 million years ago. Some were slow, some were fast.  Some had walked on two legs, some walked on 4.  But they were amazing creatures.

If time travel ever became a thing…and I could go back to a time where Jurassic Park could actually be a real thing, I would love to see these creatures and see how they lived and what they did.  People are fascinated by dinosaurs even today.  For some facts about these reptiles you should know click HERE

So how can you celebrate this holiday today?  You can take your kids to a museum where fossils and bones can be viewed.  Rent a Jurassic Park movie.  Or view a documentary on the reptile that has fascinated us for many years and probably will for many more.   But I think I would pass on a Barney episode.   🙂


~ Tim Thomas