Just when you thought you couldn’t think about Bruno any more than you already do…a new sing-a-long version is on the way!

Starting tomorrow (Friday), you can stream a sing-a-long version of Encanto. Now, if you remember wayyyyy back to VHS days, sing-along versions of Disney tunes isn’t a new concept. It was pretty much the movie with a follow-the-bouncing-ball style lyrics on the bottom.

The new version of that will look similar, but perhaps a bit more creative if you watch the teaser above.

And if you don’t think people will watch…just look at these numbers!

On average, “Encanto” streamers have watched the film five times with the title accumulating over 180 million re-watches globally since launch. Disney+ subscribers really can’t stop streaming “Encanto!” The new Sing-Along version of the film will allow fans to further immerse themselves in the magic of the music from “Encanto.”

And don’t think this is a one-off idea, either!

Disney+ will release additional Sing-Alongs later this year on Disney+ across a range of titles, including “Frozen,” “Frozen 2,” “Beauty and the Beast (1991)” and Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast (2017).”

Clear your throats, moms and dads and guardians of all types! You have more Family Madrigal in your future.