Disney Just Announced “Indiana Jones 5”, 10 New “Star Wars” and Marvel Shows, and a Whole Lot More!

Disney announced about 5,000 new projects during an “Investors Day” presentation yesterday.  Here’s a quick rundown.

1.  “Indiana Jones 5” IS happening, with HARRISON FORD back in the title role . . . and hopefully no crystal skulls.  It’s due in theaters in July of 2022.


2.  There are 10 new “Star Wars” series and 10 new Marvel series coming to Disney+ in the coming years.  The “Star Wars” shows include Lando, but there’s no word if either DONALD GLOVER or BILLY DEE WILLIAMS will be involved.

And even though you already knew EWAN MCGREGOR was starring in an “Obi-Wan” series, you didn’t know THISHAYDEN CHRISTENSEN will return to play Darth Vader, in what Lucasfilm is calling “the rematch of the century”.

There are also two “Mandalorian” spin-offs, including one focusing on ROSARIO DAWSON’s character, “Ahsoka”.

There’s also another “Star Wars” MOVIE in the pipeline called Rogue Squadron, directed by PATTY JENKINS of “Wonder Woman” fame.

The Marvel shows will include “Secret Invasion” with SAMUEL L. JACKSON and “Armor Wars”, starring DON CHEADLE.


3.  Some new Marvel movies were announced . . . including yet another attempt to make the Fantastic Four” happen.  The guy who does the new “Spider-Man” movies is making it.

They also confirmed that CHADWICK BOSEMAN will not be recast in “Black Panther 2”. . . the movie will focus on the other characters, and it’s coming in July of ’22.


4.  CHRIS EVANS is the new Buzz Lightyear.  He’ll take over for TIM ALLEN for a standalone origin film.

Pixar will also make a “Cars” spinoff series for Disney+ . . . as well as a show called “Dug Days”, centered on the dog from “Up”.

Speaking of characters getting their own spinoffs . . . that’s happening for Moana, Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”, and Baymax from “Big Hero Six”.


5.  Disney announced that two of its live-action remakes, “Pinocchio” and “Peter Pan & Wendy”, will debut on Disney+.  So will “Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers”. . . a live action-animation hybrid starring ANDY SAMBERG and JOHN MULANEY.

Disney+ is also getting “Disenchanted”, with AMY ADAMS returning for the sequel to her movie “Enchanted”.

The “Lion King” prequel, “Cruella”, “Jungle Cruise”, and “The Little Mermaid” are still scheduled to hit theaters.


6.  One last note . . . Disney+ is upping its subscription price by a dollar in March.