So Saturday night I was lucky enough to head down to the Apollo Theater in Chicago and partake in one of the funnest live concerts I have ever experienced.   I say partake … because I was part of the band.  Now before you think I pulled some radio station strings … let me just clarify … Everyone in the audience was part of the band!

Djembe! The Show, is a limited engagement theatrical concert where ancient drumming meets some of our favorite jazz, funk, and pop songs in an exciting, unforgettable celebration of people and cultures coming together.   What makes this such a unique experience is that everyone gets a Djembe drum.  There is literally one waiting for you in your seat when you arrive (see below picture.)

The origins and translation of the word djembe sums life up perfectly. As stated in the show the Malinke people (the West African tribe from where this drum originates) say Anke Dje, Anke Be. Everyone gather together in peace. Djembe.   Honestly this show had such a good vibe.  It truly restores your faith in humanity and makes you realize how we are all in this big wide world together and music is always going to be something that we can connect with.

So go grab yourself some tickets.  I believe the Djembe musicians will be at the Apollo Theater until sometime mid May.   I have also seen some deals for tickets.  Grab your kids, grab friends … this makes such a fun group outing!