Do you remember the Fisher Price Busy Box?  I’m guessing either you or your kids or both played with it.  What a cool toy for a baby!  A mirror, a mini carnival bell ringer, a phone dial (“What’s that?” said everyone under 25), and a few other things that I’m not even sure what they are.

As a baby, the Busy Box is a learning experience.  You kind of get the feel for what happens when you press things or grab things or turn things.

But what about us?  As adults, sometimes we just need things to keep our hands and minds busy.  We can’t very well keep a Fisher Price Busy Box at work to mess with.  Well, fidget spinners were pretty popular for a while, and they’re kind of cool.  You can even stick ’em on top of a pen and spin away.

I also found the little cube in the picture at the top.  It’s only a little over 1 inch square on all sides and it’s got 5 different things to keep your fingers busy.  Little things that roll or click or turn.  Hey, why not!  Why should we have to give up our Busy Box just because we get over two years old?  That’s ageism!