Leslie Harris in for Samantha James this week, and on Sunday, I dropped a friend off in Evanston, and decided to take a ride along the lakefront as I meandered my way home. I love the beach and even though I didn’t have a swimsuit with me, decided to take a short walk on Howard Street Beach in Chicago.

I was surprised to see several stones shaped like hearts. Now I know they don’t look exactly like hearts, but they look a whole lot more like hearts than your average, everyday rocks. I love anything heart-shaped. It’s just like a little bit of magic that shows up. By the way, all of those bracelets that I wear also have special meanings. I also wear crystals and essential oils, among other things.

Funny thing is, this is the second time this year I’ve been to Howard Street beach, and the second time I have found several heart-shaped rocks.

And oh yeah, my dad’s name was Howard.

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