Do you have a cookie on your back?

Can you eat just one cookie?  Now I’m not talking about those giant cookies the size of a pie.  I mean a regular size cookie.  I know I have a real hard time popping one in my mouth without going for another one.

There’s a scientific study that backs up how hard that is.  It’s not a new study, but still worth mentioning this time of year.  And with a house full of leftover desserts staring you in the face.  Research conducted by the University of Bordeaux has revealed that cookie ingredients trigger a response in the brain that’s nearly identical to the response caused by cocaine!  And here’s the weird part — it’s not the sugar!  According to the results of the study, it’s the SALT that activates the brain’s reward centers, enhancing the addictive qualities.

According to some sources, Coca Cola contained a small amount of cocaine until the early 1900’s, which is where its name came from.  (It wasn’t outlawed in the US until 1914.)  Cocaine was regarded at the time as having certain medical benefits.  It wasn’t in Coca Cola to make it addictive.  I guess if they wanted to do that, they would have just added crumbled up cookies to the soda.

As a certain blue furry addict might say, “Cooookie!!!!”