Do You Have Trouble Opening Jars? It Might Be a Sign That You’re Dying…Really?

Do you ever struggle to open pickle jars?  Well, according to a study, that COULD be a sign that you’re dying.  (???)  (KIDDING!  Sort of.)

New research out of Austria has found that “weak handgrip strength” may signal more serious health issues . . . like heart problems, lung issues, and even a lower life expectancy.

It’s complicated, but basically handgrip strength can be a quick and inexpensive way to assess overall muscle strength.  And muscle strength has proven to be a fairly accurate indicator of mortality.

The study basically created different ranges of strength that can be measured . . . and then compared it to others of the same age, sex, and body height.  Interestingly enough, it doesn’t work both ways.  The concern is having weaker-than-average strength.  A STRONGER-than-average handgrip doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll live an EXTRA LONG life.



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