Do You Remember How To Socialize?

So here’s a silly question! Do you think you’ve lost some of those social skills you had because you haven’t been out in circulation with people this past year? No office one on ones, no bull sessions around the water cooler (I know very cliche), no meet ups at your favorite watering hole. Now a lot of folks have continued to be out and about and I have to say we’ve done a fair amount of dining out in the past year, but no big gatherings or social events like birthdays or anniversaries. So are social skills something you need to use to keep sharp or are they like riding a bike or making love? You know, once you got it down it always comes back. Asking for a friend! With so much communication happening electronically, virtually, zoom meetings and not really in person I think you loose something. Don’t you? Interesting piece entitled  “Do We Even Know How To Socialize Anymore”. Check it out. Kind of telling on where some folks feel we are today.

“Do We Even Know How To Socialize Anymore” click here.