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Do You Think It’s Fashionable to Wear Crocs?

My son Hunter bought me Croc’s when he was 9, I think.  I did NOT want to wear them back then…(he’s 17 now)  I thought they were ugly and the only time they were found on my feet is when I was at home in the back yard where nobody could see me.

It looks like Crocs have become quite the seller these days and since the pandemic began, actually.

Check out this story from YouGov;

Crocs are REALLY popular and the sales have skyrocketed during the past year.  They’re also objectively ugly.

But ugliness has never stopped something from becoming in style.  So here’s a legitimate question:  Do YOU think Crocs are fashionable?

According to a new survey, 34% of people say yes, they believe Crocs are fashionable.  40% of people say no, and 25% aren’t sure.

But there’s a BIG difference by age group.  53% of people between 18 and 24 say Crocs are fashionable, and so do 47% of people between 25 and 34.  People who are older than that are much less likely to agree.

So if you believe young people set fashion trends . . . and they believe Crocs are in style . . . then I guess Crocs are in style.


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