Does McDonald’s Secretly Sell Full Cakes?

You probably went to some birthday parties at McDonald’s when you were a kid. I remember going to the Micky D’s in Lemont and cup-stacking games and eating copious amounts of french fries.  And they’d have a cake at those parties with Ronald McDonald on it.  And I’m guessing you haven’t thought about the cake since that moment. I sure haven’t!

Well…time to think about it again!  Because right now, Internet detectives everywhere are trying to answer the question:  Does McDonald’s secretly sell full cakes?

This all started when someone on TikTok named Kayleigh Weeks posted a video showing the sheet cake she bought at a McDonald’s in Omaha, Nebraska for $9.  It’s a chocolate cake with white frosting and a red Ronald McDonald decoration.

So now people are debating whether EVERY McDonald’s is secretly selling cakes or if this was just a rare exception.

Some employees have weighed in…on both sides.  Some say their stores don’t have cakes, but one said, quote, “All McDonald’s sell cakes.”

So far, McDonald’s hasn’t put out any official word on this cake debate.