Most dogs are very happy to have their people at home during this time.  But experts think that our canine friends might have a major issue with separation anxiety when lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

A veterinarian behaviorist says, “Dogs thrive on consistency and predictability, as we all do, so any time there’s an abrupt change, it can cause stress.” This will most likely happen when adults go back to work and children go back to school at some point.

A separation anxiety specialist said that once you are leaving the house more often, you should practice with your pup by executing small absences.  This way, the dog gets used to you not being there for incremental increases in time.

We’ve been thinking about this with our dogs.  Especially the young one probably thinks us being gone all day was just some kind of initiation and now this is how things are forevermore.  So maybe we better get out now and then, even if it’s just to drive around.

Now cats are probably a different story.  Don’t you get the feeling they’re just waiting for you to get our of their business and go back to work?