Don’t Be THAT Guy

Hey, it’s Leslie, and after 2 years, we’re all really tired of the pandemic, so don’t take it out on your fellow human being.

As you most likely know, Cook County now has a vaccine mandate for bars, restaurants, entertainment then use and more. Venues in Cook County are being fined, and even being shut down for not checking vax cards.

One of my (now former) Facebook friends was complaining about this, and was bragging about how he berated the hostess at a restaurant. He went on to inform us that he called the owner of the restaurant a NAZI for following the vaccine card mandate.


Most restaurant owners cannot afford to have their restaurants shut down, and most of their employees cannot afford to go without a paycheck.

If you are not vaccinated, simply stay away from Cook County venues for the time being. And be kind. This has been hard on all of us, and the people who work at those venues are just doing their job.