Hey, it’s Rich Dale!  Just a warning:  If you’re looking for the best advice for your health, you should probably stay away from social media.  NBC News has compiled a list of the most viral fake health news for 2019.  Most fake health news focused on cancer, including the most engaged article that said “Big Pharma” was hiding the cure for cancer.

Other fake health news that went viral in 2019 included an article shared 800,000 times stating that ginger was 10,000 times more powerful at killing cancer than chemo.  It’s no coincidence that the ginger article went to a website selling, you guessed it, ginger supplements.

Experts say that public health companies need to work on their digital outreach, social media giants need to crack down on fake news, and that you should reach out to your doctor and not Facebook with any health concerns.

And my personal advice — if something sounds a little off, I always check it out on Snopes.