Don’t let kids that are Strangers use your phone!  (this could happen to you)

Why wouldn’t let a kid use your phone that was in trouble or lost…because kids are a lot smarter than I was as a kid.  This one scammed a woman big time!

Remember in “Dumb & Dumber”, when he gets robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart?  This is like that, but the opposite end of the spectrum . . .

A woman in Orlando named Shannon Fraser was walking her dog on Saturday when a kid rode up to her on a scooter and asked for help.

She says he looked to be about 12 . . . said he was lost, and his phone was dead . . . and asked if he could use her phone to call his parents.  So she obviously said yes.

But it turned out he was SCAMMING her.  Probably with the help of an adult.

He did call someone, and put it on speakerphone.  But while he was talking to them, he opened up VENMO on her phone . . . and sent himself FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.

The whole exchange lasted three minutes before he gave her phone back and rode off on his scooter.  And Shannon didn’t realize what happened until two days later when she got an alert from her bank.  So she called Venmo, then the cops.

Venmo told her the account he sent the money to was only set up 30 minutes before it happened.  So that made it harder to track.

It’s not clear if they got the money back or not, but they did credit it back to Shannon’s account.  They say they’re aware of this type of scam, but it’s fairly rare.