Don’t Rake Up Your Leaves, Let Em Lay.

Fall is such a beautiful transition period. I love the changing of the colors of the trees and the weather getting a little cooler. What I don’t like about it is what follows! You Know. So we were off doing bunch of fun things this weekend over 4 days and 4 states. The colors we saw were spectacular and these leaves are coming down so whose ranking them up and bagging them to be hauled away? I remember as a kid my dad burning  the leaves after we had used big piles of them to just jump in and have fun with. The smell of burning leaves will always be one of my favorites memories from fall gone by, but of course you can’t burn them anymore because of environmental concerns. So ya rake em and bag em and send them on their way, but what now experts say to not pick up the leaves. Let em lay. Why?  First, because it keeps leaves out of landfills. Every year, about 8 million tons of leaves end up there. And second, because leaves help the grass. Leaves are full of nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. More Below.

Experts Say Don’t Pick Up Those Leaves.