Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Go To Aurora!

In these very trying times it’s often difficult to find that happy place that we ‘d all like to be in. The stress of the pandemic, inflation, crime and unrest and the situation in Ukraine can all be reasons for a lack of optimism. My kids and loved ones, my job, dear friends and just the joy of living give me optimism, but living in the right place also helps. I’ve lived in the Chicago area now for over 50 years and I find it still so welcoming and exciting. People, places, events and opportunities give me a great deal of joy. None of my kids live here anymore, but that gives me incentive to head out for visits to Florida, back to Ohio and out California to see each of them. I still love my job and and I am surrounded by great friends and co-workers who are fabulous. I keep wondering how many more winters I can take, but it’s not ideal breaker yet so now we have Spring to look forward to and then the warmth and delight Summer. If I sound optimistic it’s because I am. I am in my happy place and  we did make the top 21 in the survey 0f The Happiest Cities. Yes Aurora is a happy place, but remember your happy place really should be in your head.

2022 Happiest Cities In America.