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Dress Cool!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale!  Did you ever have a song that you heard just once and it really got stuck in your head?  In a good way, not like “Baby Shark”.  I’ve had several of those actually.  I’d hear a song on the radio once, then never again — and I’d keep it in mind until I’d run into it in one of those bins of discount 45’s and snap it up.

Anyway, this is a song I heard once in 1985, and I haven’t found a good recording of it until now!  David Letterman had an episode of his show that he called a “holiday film festival” where various celebrities made fun short films to show.

The contribution of the show’s band, Paul Shaffer and the World’s Most Dangerous Band, was a music video for an original song called “Dress Cool”.  And it was a great song!

About a year ago, I looked for it on YouTube and all I could find were a couple of videos posted by people who basically recorded it from TV on VHS.  Those were pretty low quality and you could hear the audience laughing, etc.

But I just looked now and whaddaya know!  Last December Will Lee, the bassist from World’s Most Dangerous Band, posted the actual video!  So there it is up top.  Enjoy!

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