Drivers with These Cars Are The Most Likely to Speed

What’s the #1 car people who SPEED like to drive?  A company called Insurify looks at a bunch of models each year, and how many owners have at least one speeding ticket on their record.  Overall, just over 10% of Americans have gotten a speeding ticket before. 

Here are the top five cars for people who speed

1.  Subaru WRX.  It also topped the list last year.  Over 20% of people who drive one have a speeding ticket on their record.

2.  Volkswagen GTI, 17.

3.  Subaru Impreza, 16%.

4.  Infinity G37, just under 16%.

5.  Dodge Dart, just over 15%.

The rest of the top ten are the Hyundai Veloster, Dodge Challenger, Dodge RAM 2500, Dodge Charger, and Nissan 350Z.

My question…how did Insurify get all this information?! Are all of our driving records and cars we own just out there for everyone to see, and if so, how easy is it to access?! Maybe I should go post about it on all my different social media accounts…