“Drumapalooza” and “Percussion Petting Zoo” This Saturday to Support the Plainfield Central Band Program

I love when organizations get creative with their marketing and fund raising efforts. As is the case many times, we can take some cues from our kids when it comes to that!

The students at Plainfield Central HS are hosting “Drumapalooza” and a “Percussion Petting Zoo” this Saturday to raise money to repair and replace some instruments.

Students in percussion ensembles will perform around 6:30 on Saturday evening, a show I hear is really really good!

Before the show though, starting around 5:00, is the percussion petting zoo! There will be no actual animals, but will be a chance for kids to play around with some of the band’s percussion instruments. Apparently the gong is a big HIT!

Here’s the link for tickets. They are $7 in advance and $10 at the door.

Support these kids and have some fun!