DuPage May Be Getting Its Water in a New Way, But How Much Will it Cost?.

Hi, Leslie here, and The DuPage County Commission is looking at possibly building a new system to transport water from Lake Michigan to residents of the county.

The city of Chicago has been delivering water to DuPage County. The 40-year contract expires next March. Negotiations have not been going well, and now the Commission is looking at building its own system to deliver the water.

Negotiations have been carrying on for over a year, and DuPage county is Chicago’s largest Suburban water customer. However, a new system carries a price tag somewhere between $1.5 and $7 billion, not including interest on borrowing. It would also take 12 to 15 years to become operational.

However, a study was conducted, and the water commission executive director believes that it will be cheaper over the long run.

I’m just glad we in DuPage County will continue to get Lake Michigan water.