Eagle vs Drone!

We are continuously bombarded with events or circumstances or personal experiences where technology and nature collide and  often nature takes the hit. Now there are the hurricanes or even the storms we just saw on Monday that show the power of nature but so much of our world and our lives have been taken over by technology. My power was out on Wednesday when I got home so I was forced to make food (a salad) and eat and spend the evening contemplating my lack of options. Tough to read a book by candle light. I know if it was good enough for Abe Lincoln….gotcha….but this is a story about one of natures creatures defying and dominating technology and taking the upper hand. Nature and mankind clashed as a bald eagle waged an attack on an EGLE drone 162 feet above the waters of Lake Michigan. Nature won the battle, and the drone now rests on the bottom of the lake.


Bald Eagle Vs Drone Click Here