Eat Now, Pay Upon Death
Hi, this is Leslie Harris. A pizza chain that is based in New Zealand has come up with a unique deal. Eat all the pizza you want now, and pay for it when you die.
The name of the chain is, get this, Hell Pizza, and they have a deal called “Afterlife pay.” They’re allowing 666 New Zealanders, and 666 Australians in on the deal, because, of course they are.
The requirement is that participants have to sign a legally binding amendment to their wills, allowing the pizza chain to collect the money owed after they’ve died. There are no interest rates or fees for the program.
Hell Pizza’s menu includes original, gourmet and healthy pizzas, along with sides and salads, so theoretically, one could eat quite well for a long time.
Not sure what they’ll do of someone doesn’t have enough to pay for their pizza debt after death, but it sounds like a great marketing plan!