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Eat Pizza Instead of Cereal for Breakfast

No more shame in your pizza game! Time to add pizza to the list of “healthier” options to eat as a morning breakfast!

Ok, so, while it’s not exactly healthy to grab that leftover slice for an a.m. chow down, it is “healthier” than most of the sugar-loaded cereals out there you may have been eating instead.

A New York-based Nutritionist has said that a bowl of cereal with whole milk and an average slice of pizza have nearly the same amount of calories. As an added bonus, the higher protein count in pizza may keep you feeling fuller throughout the morning.

Now, we all know not all pizza and cereal is created equally, so the bowl of whole grain goods with nuts or seeds with a plant-based or grass-fed milk would be a healthier option, of course.

I was already looking forward to our Heroes Radiothon at Luigi’s Pizza on Friday to honor the victims of last week’s mass shooting at Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, thank our first responders and prove that we are #AuroraStrong and #StrongerTogether was a good idea… but after seeing this, I am also looking forward to the BREAKFAST PIZZA!

Danielle Tufano

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