Eating Only During Daylight Hours Could “Add Years to Your Life”?

This is crazy…how do you not eat at night?  Summer might be easier with the time change but will that work?  See below…

A new study has found that you might be able to “add years to your life” by only eating during DAYLIGHT HOURS.  The researchers say that the longevity of mice increased by up to 35% when they ate within “the body clock’s daily rhythms.”

There’s nothing magical about sunlight . . . in fact, mice are nocturnal, so their benefit was eating only at night.

The idea is that humans should restrict their eating to their “most active” hours, which is usually mid-day . . . especially for senior citizens, who can be up at 5:00 A.M. to read the newspaper, and head to bed after “Jeopardy!”.

There are two other benefits:  You’re probably eating smaller meals if you’re moving them closer together . . . and there’s also an “intermittent fasting” angle, if you’re NOT eating for a longer period overnight.

(Since it’s more about timing than light . . . Alaskans:  You CAN’T binge-eat all day, even though you have, like, 18 hours of sunlight now.)

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