Economical Valentines for the Rich and Famous

Hi this is Leslie Harris. My husband and I have been married for a long time, and Valentine’s Day was pretty low-key. We spent the weekend together, and went to the Lunar New Year’s parade in Chinatown, which is exactly what I wanted to do yesterday. I was surprised to find out that some celebrities also have a low key Valentine’s Day.

For example, Annette Benning told Kelly Clarkson that her husband, Warren Beatty, will generally make her a little Valentine with just a little red felt pen and make a little heart, and that he’s very economical in his message. She went on to say that she usually doesn’t buy anything for him, that he’s one of those men that you cannot find anything for so it’s usually something small like a little note or a flower.  AND THEN, Kenneth Branagh joked that he did bad pretty for his wife of 18 years, and that her eyes roll over on Valentine’s Day morning.

What? And you think that the celebrities were going out to fancy dinners and spending gobs of money on useless jewelry or some other frivolity?

So did you go all out? Or did you keep it low-key? Let me know in the comments