Elgin farmstand hopes short move makes life easier for customers

A local story that can really help a small business from today’s Daily Herald.

Moving is seldom convenient, but the folks at Pasek Farms General Store hope their recent relocation makes life easier for their customers.

The shop, which opened last year selling locally raised meats, eggs and other offerings, has moved a few hundred yards to the west down Route 20 in Elgin, to the same property where Klein’s Farm and Garden Market opened a couple of years ago.

Jessica Pasek said the new location at 39w130 Plank Road, with access from both Route 20 and Plank, is better for shoppers.

“We wanted to make it a one-stop shop with Klein’s, plus it has better traffic flow which makes it easier,” Pasek said.

Pasek and her husband, Chase, who are first-generation farmers, started by selling their meat online. They opened their first store last May in the original Klein’s location just east of Coombs Road.

The nearby intersection is frequently beset by long lines of traffic and accidents, making it difficult to turn left into and out of the store.

The Kleins recently sold that property, which necessitated the move, but Jessica said the new location allows them to build something that better serves their needs.

“And I feel like we’re getting noticed more now here than when we were down the street,” she said. “Just being here a week, business is already better.”

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