Seven years after making his debut on the Billboard charts, Elton John announced his retirement on November 3, 1977. At the time, Elton had already sold countless albums and racked up 24 hit singles (seven of those were #1 hits).

That’s a very impressive career by itself. Of course, his story didn’t end in 1977. Elton’s “retirement” was short-lived. He would return to recording and performing early in 1979. By 1999, another 45 hit singles, tons of album sales and concert performances would be added to his resume.

OK, but 1999 was 20 years ago and this is 2019. Is he calling it quits? Far from it! He’s currently on tour with dates scheduled through December of 2020. Not only that, Me: Elton John Official Autobiography is on this week’s best seller list.

Let’s return to 1979, when Elton John came out of retirement with this Top-10 hit:

Mama Can’t Buy You Love.