Employers Share the Worst Things They’ve Seen on Job Applications

A Reddit user posted a question asking, Employers, what’s the weirdest/stupidest answers you’ve seen on a job application?

Responses-Under criminal history they checked yes and wrote ‘rong place, rong time.’

  • Under expected pay they wrote ‘minimum sh-t’
  • I was working in retail in high school when someone came and dropped off a paper application. In the section about criminal history they checked yes they had prior convictions. In the space provided to state what the legal issues were they simply wrote “rong place rong time”. We kept that application around for a while.
  • Applicant had been convicted of theft under $1,000. Under skill they wrote ‘money handling.’
  • For computer skills they wrote ‘copy and paste.’
  • Had someone put down “Jesus” for a reference.
  • One cover letter we received said, “I am attention to details”
  • We received a resume. I strongly regret not saving it. Among many hilarious lines was “I use my wizard brain to solve many problem.”
  • Applicant had served six years in prison for the murder of his wife’s lover. He finished by saying he and his wife were back together.

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