Equal Pay Day! No Time To Party!

Today is Equal Pay Day. Now it may sound like it, but this is not a celebration day. Equal pay day is “The day that marks the extra time it takes an average woman in the United States to earn the same pay that their male counterparts made the previous calendar year.” March 24th! That’s 83 days more. Is that a surprise that this kind of inequity still lives here in America? Come on, think of all the crazy things we’ve seen and experienced just recently that you would think should or would be fixable and yet they’re not fixed. How can millions of people in Texas have a cold snap and snow storm come through their state and literally shut it down, not for a day or two but for over a week with no electricity or running water. Many for several weeks!  This happens in the richest country in the world? Crazy right? How can a known mentally disturbed man go out and buy an assault rifle and just 5 days later drive to a supermarket and kill 10 people? His family and others that had dealt with him over the years knew he had mental and rage issues! Don’t we have ways of dealing with issues like this? No! Well then it’s no wonder there is a pay disparity in our work world between men and women!

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