Even Up The Economic Ladder They’re Feeling The Pinch!!

So how much of a pinch are you feeling with the inflation and higher prices for things like food and gas? I used to go to Jewel and buy 6 or 8 items and it would cost me $18-$23 depending on what I bought. Today 7 items cost me over $30 and that’s just for today! I could fill up my tank with gas (regular) for about $28-$30. Now if I’m on empty it’s  gonna cost me over $50. My son Mitchell lives in LA and he says premium is up over $7 out there. So you gotta wonder how the top of the food chain is faring with these much higher prices? It looks like even the affluent and the rich are starting to feel the pinch. Interesting piece on just that! Read below.

Even The Rich Folks Need To Rein In Their Spending.