Even Zoom Is Making Its Staff Return to the Office

The trend of companies bringing “remote workers” back to the office just hit a new level:  Even Zoom is making its staff return.

Zoom says it’s now enforcing a “structured hybrid approach” . . . where “employees who live near an office need to be on-site two days a week” . . . because it’s “most effective.”

In other words, people who work for Zoom are more productive IN PERSON . . . than they are working OVER ZOOM.

And this was clearly important, because it would be BETTER FOR BUSINESS to be an example of how working remotely over Zoom is just as effective.

Now, they’re basically admitting that doesn’t work . . . at least as a default.

For what it’s worth, shares of Zoom are up about 4% for the year . . . but in February they cut their staff by 15%, and the higher-ups took significant pay-cuts after the company’s pandemic surge lost steam.