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Ever heard of Michael Jackson Phobia? You will now!

I have always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson.  I feel we grew up together.  I watched him sing his Jackson 5 hits when he was “little” Michael.  I danced to the Jacksons and then he went solo and killed it!  His personal life threw a big old wrench into his “legendary” status, but musically speaking, he really is the King of Pop.  One of his video’s has definitely changed the life on this gal and not for the better!

Oddity Central claims Londoner Poppy Johnson is going to try hypnotherapy to cure her Michael Jackson phobia.

The 23 year-old tells PA Real Life that her fear of Michael began after seeing the ”Thriller” video. “I was living with constant anxiety of seeing him, hearing him, or someone bringing him up. I just couldn’t stand it. I never really spoke about it or told many people. I worried they’d think I was silly, or struggle to understand how I could possibly have a phobia of Michael Jackson. It’s hard to explain the actual hypnotherapy side of things, but I just feel I’m in such a calm place. I can definitely see it getting to the point where I can go out without feeling on edge.”

Was there ever an image or video that freaked you out?

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