Face Masks Make People Look More Attractive? YES!

I worked with someone for almost 8 mos. before I saw them unmasked.  I was shocked at what this person really looked like without it???  Has that happened to you for better or worse?  This person was beautiful without the mask, it was just not what I had in my head.

You’ve probably heard someone complain about how they miss seeing people’s faces in public.  But there’s a benefit to face masks:  They make people SEXIER.  (???)

Researchers at Cardiff University have found that both men and women are perceived to look BETTER with a mask covering the lower half of their faces.  And that’s NOT because of all the designer face masks that are coming out.

The people in the study were asked to rate the attractiveness of faces:  Without a mask . . . with a plain cloth mask . . . with a blue medical face mask . . . and holding a plain black book covering the lower part of their face.

The study found that a face covered with a disposable surgical mask was the most appealing, followed by a cloth mask.

The researchers say it’s possible this is because masks direct more attention to people’s eyes . . . but this IS a change from before the pandemic.  So, they think it might have more to do with people feeling vulnerable now, and medical masks coming across as caring, reassuring, and positive.  (The Guardian)