Fake Vaccine Card? Don’t Do It!

Hey, Leslie Harris here. Now don’t shoot the messenger. This is not a debate on whether to get vaccinated or not. I’m just here to tell you not to use a fake vaccine card.

Chicago has some pretty stringent rules for presenting your vaccine card. You cannot enter restaurants, bars, gyms, or sports or entertainment venues.

I’ve seen a few people on Facebook talking about how easy it would be to forge a vaccination card, but I’m telling you, it’s not worth it.

A man in New York was recently arrested for presenting a fake vaccination card to his employer. While the employer was understandably upset, the bigger problem was that the vaccination card is considered a federal document, and it is a felony to forge a federal document.

This man is now facing a possible 7-year prison sentence, and might not ever be able to get another job. Prison time would be awful, but so would not being able to get another job. You know how on job applications they ask you if you ever been convicted of a felony? They don’t ask you what the felony was. They just want you to answer the question yes or no, and if the answer is yes, well they’re probably not going to hire you.

So if you’re choosing to not get vaccinated, you’re just going to have to stay away from those venues, at least for the time being.