Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…or so they say.  We should eat something.  So lets talk about favorite breakfast foods.

For me…I LOVE BACON! Everything is better with bacon.  Period.  But it is hard to believe but it isn’t the most popular breakfast food.  Eggs gets the top slot.  And sausage finished 2nd.  How could bacon fall to 3rd?  It tied with pancakes.  Toast and Waffles finished up the top 5.

I grew up in a house where cereal was consumed often.  Healthier stuff too…no sugary cereals for us, unless it was a special occasion.  Like getting good grades in school.  And their was often fruit…which as a child I didn’t eat too much of…wish I had.  It is delicious.

Now so many people are eating avocado toast…which is not bad by the way.  But I honestly could eat breakfast for all meals of the day.  A good omelette…hash browns…bacon, freshly squeezed OJ.  Heaven.  And many of the dishes are easy to make.

So if you are a breakfast eater…and you should be….what would be your favorite foods? Or what could you eat every day? And feel free to suggest some local places for breakfast.  I need to check them out.

~ Tim Thomas