Favorite Holiday Baking?

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Holidays are for baking, am I right? I still have much to do!

I will be making pumpkin pie for dessert, and I’ll also be baking two different kinds of Christmas cookies. Fortunately, my kids like to help with this.

I have a friend who starts making Christmas cookies in November and freezes them. I don’t know how many different kinds she makes, but it’s a lot! She’s even thinking about writing a cook book with her dozens of recipes. Me? I’m just glad to get my two standbys done.

Every year, we have to have peanut blossoms and seven layer bars. Sure, I’ll eat just about any Christmas cookies you serve me, but I absolutely have to have those two.

How about you? What are your favorites, which ones do you absolutely positively have to have? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to include the recipe!