Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Hi, it’s Leslie and Thanksgiving is less than a week away! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite side dish, because I like the sides almost as much as the turkey itself. However, what would Thanksgiving be without mashed potatoes? I think if I had to choose just one, mashed potatoes would be it, swimming with lots of butter. Keep the gravy.

Not surprisingly, I’m not alone. 21 states, including Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Wisconsin  all named mashed potatoes as our favorite side dish.

Other favorite side dishes in Illinois include baked sweet potato, cornbread, corn casserole, and green bean casserole.

We don’t have any of those on our Thanksgiving table, but I do make really good mashed sweet potatoes.

Surprisingly, stuffing is not anywhere on this list. We do always have a broccoli and cheese casserole, my mother-in-law’s specialty.

What are your favorite side dishes, and what are some unusual dishes on your Thanksgiving table? Let me know in the comments