Final Four! Who Do You Like?

So this years NCAA mens basketball tourney has given us many exciting and surprising moments. Brackets got busted in the first round with St. Peter’s beating Kentucky and there were many more to follow. I find it very hard to believe that anybody’s bracket has not been busted. The perfect bracket is always the quest, but to achieve it you must have luck, skill and then a lot more luck. So now we have the Final Four tomorrow night. Kansas vs Villanova and then the matchup of the century Duke vs North Carolina. The cinderella ending would be for Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to win it all as he rides off into the sunset. His retirement has been an inspiration for his kids to perform at an especially high level and what a story that would be, but that’s why they play the games.

Final Four Predictions.

Your Bracket Busted! That’s Half The Fun.