The Girl Scouts will tempt you with a new cookie flavor next year…and yeah, maybe it’s not Earth-shattering news, but I’ll take what we can get at this point!

The cookie is called “Toast-Yay.” It’s a play on the word “toasty.” We’re getting the news today, but they won’t be available until the 2021

It is inspired by the flavors of french toast. The cookie has a maple syrup taste and the frosting is described as similar to what comes on a cinnamon roll.

The Girl Scouts actually announced a new flavor back in January as well!

And yes, I do take this very seriously. I actually released an official Midday Show Girl Scout Cookie Power Rankings last year.

To combat COVID-19, next year’s Girl Scout cookie sales will take place online with contactless delivery available. If local community guidelines say it’s safe, Girl Scouts will be able to set up for in-person sales.