So today I came across a viral challenge that made my heart happy.   No longer are kids eating Tide Pods – which is a) Stupid and b)A waste … those things are expensive!   No longer are they professing their love of Kiki while walking alongside moving traffic.  Nope they are actually making our planet a better place.   #trashtag is a viral challenge unlike all others.  Young people around the world are finding public areas and actually cleaning them up.  How amazing is that!    You still get to do a selfie only this time it’s with trash bags and a nice clean natural setting.  (see below)


In other great environmental news … James Bond will drive an electric car in the new film.   It will be a limited edition Rapid E. Aston Martin.  There are only 155 of them in the world but who knows, if James is driving one I feel there could be a higher demand.