It’s common knowledge that Facebook, once a digital hangout strictly for college students, has been taken over by us…the old folks. The kids have moved on to Twittergram, or probably some other social media that I don’t even know exists. However, some kids ARE still on The Facebook, and – no joke here – a “living assistance company” called Visiting Angels conducted an “independent survey of millenials” to see what Grandpa and Grandma should and shouldn’t be doing on social media:

1. Don’t post personal stuff about family feuds or money. A third of millennials in the survey said their grandparents sometimes post stuff that’s too personal.

2. Don’t use too many emojis. 1 in 5 said their grandparents overuse them.

3. Don’t try so hard to be friends with their friends. 25% don’t like it when older relatives send friend requests to THEIR friends.

4. Don’t post about anything too sad, like being sick or lonely. 1 in 4 grandkids hate it.

5. Don’t try to act too cool. 22% of millennials find it embarrassing. So it’s okay to act your age on social media.

Check out their video…well done, Visiting Angels!