Five Rude Things People Do on Thanksgiving

Certain things are obviously rude at Thanksgiving, like chewing with your mouth open, or burping in Busha’s face. But here are a few less-obvious things people still do!

1. Bringing something that requires cooking. If the food you’re bringing requires oven space, clear it with the host first.

2. Starting tense conversations. That means bringing up things like politics, religion, and family issues. You’re not changing anyone’s opinion over Thanksgiving dinner. So it’s best to just avoid that stuff.

3. Prying into people’s personal business. That includes saying things like, “Why aren’t you married yet” and “When are you having kids?”

4. Asserting yourself in the kitchen without being asked. If you’re helping out in there, great. Just don’t take over and start critiquing the recipes.

5. Assuming you can take home leftovers. Don’t just start loading up your Tupperware. Wait for the host to offer them.

Don’t be that guy.