We’re still a week away from Halloween, but let’s talk about Christmas for a minute. No, really, hear me out. Because this isn’t a normal year . . . and if we’ve learned anything in the last few months, it’s that sometimes it’s good to plan ahead.

Here are five things that are probably going to be in high demand for the holidays this year, so you should seriously consider picking them up NOW, before they sell out . . .

1. Fitness equipment. There was a run on things like treadmills and kettlebells early during the pandemic when gyms shut down. And those things might still be hard to find as the weather gets cooler and people start working out inside their house more.

2. Puzzles and board games. They’ve been an easy and fun way to keep yourself and your family entertained while few events are going on.

3. Nintendo Switch. It was already a hot gift BEFORE the pandemic, and the lockdowns this year just made it even more popular. If you think you might want to get a Switch for a Christmas gift this year, you should scoop it up as soon as you see it in stock somewhere.

4. Yarn and craft supplies. People have more time on their hands these days, so they’ve been stocking up on yarn and other crafting supplies. Which means if you’re planning to make some handmade holiday gifts, you should buy early.

5. Spices. There was a big increase in demand earlier this year when we started cooking at home more. But fall and winter are also a big time for spices, and there could be disruptions in the supply chain around the globe.

Good luck out there!