Five Things That Shouldn’t Be on Your Resumé in 2022

It looks like I might have to update my Resume.  Oh, Wait!  I’m not looking for a new Job.  You may need this more than me.

A senior recruiter at Google is going viral after she posted five things that shouldn’t be on your resumé in 2022.  But she says way too many people still include them . . .

1.  Your full address.  There’s no need for it anymore.  Just city and state is fine.

2.  An “objective statement.”  People used to include a few lines at the top about the specific job they wanted and why they were a good fit.  But it just seems old-school now.

3.  Your entire work history.  Don’t make it a two-page resumé just to fit your job at Wendy’s from 20 years ago on there.  Just list the experience that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for.

4.  Weak verbs and statements, like “I helped” or “I was partly responsible for.”  Stronger action verbs make you sound more impressive, like “I managed,” “I improved,” “I generated,” and “I streamlined.”

5.  “References available upon request.”  It’s just filler.  They know they’re available.  If they need them, they’ll ask.