Five Things You Should Never Do if You Get Pulled Over

Who doesn’t get nervous when a Police Officer pulls you over? I get nervous every time I see a Police vehicle. Why is it, I feel guilty even if I’m not doing anything wrong? Am I alone in this? Just wondering.

If you’re getting pulled over, the #1 thing you should never do is FLOOR IT and try to get away.  But assuming you’re not a full-on criminal, here are the actual top five things cops wish people would stop doing . . .

1.  Don’t wait to pull over.  If they’re right behind you with their lights on . . . yes, they’re probably pulling YOU over.  Don’t wait and hope they’ll change their mind.  Use your turn signal and pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so.

2.  Don’t get out of your car.  Stay in your seat and wait for instructions.  If it’s dark out, turn your dome light on.  And this is the only time we’ll say this . . . but turn your radio off.

3.  Don’t hide your hands.  The best thing is putting both hands on top of your steering wheel.  Then keep them there while they’re walking up to your window.

4.  Don’t reach for anything until they ask.  That includes reaching into your purse for your license, and reaching for your registration in the glovebox.  Forget about saving time by doing it first thing.  Wait until they ask.

5.  Don’t panic.  It’s natural to feel nervous, so don’t panic about being nervous either.  Just be nice and don’t argue.  Being rude won’t get you out of a ticket.  Being nice might.

(Fox News)