Fly Without The Mask! Something New.

So I’m taking a few days off and flying to Miami to see my daughter McKenna, son-in-law RJ and my two grandsons Nathaniel and Kane. The CDC was about to end the mask mandate on airplanes when at the last minute they decided to extend it for another two weeks. I was disappointed, but I believe masks do help curb the spread of the virus. I was looking forward to flying without the mask. I’m fully vaxed and boosted and I had COVID (mild case much like a standard head cold) about a month ago, so feel pretty well protected. Anyway, now a federal judge in Florida has struck down the mask mandate for airplanes and other public transport methods. So I’m flying free, so it would seem. I guess you still have to wear the mask in the airport, but each airline is making their own decision on masks and their individual requirements. Maybe this will help stop some of the ridiculous incidents of passenger violence about wearing a mask and being told what they must do. Come on people, grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child. It’s not just about you!! Bucket up, but not masking up!

Airlines Making Masks Optional.